Fender Rhodes Piano Preamp


Since 1990 we have tested many different pre amps, modifications, “Dyno” circuits and other hybrids and found that the original Mark I topology (Circa 1970-1976) is the most desirable preamp for Rhodes pianos. In these years, the Fender Rhodes pre amps used mini lamps to create the famous “soft vibrato” effect.

We re-created the exact lamp filament effect with modern components and added custom active EQ circuitry based on rare EQ topology that was circulating around Los Angeles in the 70’s – 80’s.

The Pre amp is handcrafted in our workshop and custom built to order. The preamp is offered by application only. Each unit is considered a prototype. The external look of the unit changes as we test different boxes, power supplies and knobs. Price fluctuate accordingly.


Preamp Direct Out Audio Tests .wav 44.1 (1973 Stage Piano)


  • Mono 1/4″ input
  • Two 1/4″ outputs
  • Effects loop Send/Return
  • Bass/Treble Control
  • Stereo Vibrato with Speed and Depth Control
  • Stereo CLASS-A Single Ended Output Driver
  • External Power Supply
  • 100% Solid State

Signal Path Diagram

Custom Rhodes Preamp Signal Path Diagram