E Piano

1974 Eddie Reynolds Modified Fender Rhodes Suitcase 73 Keys

This warm sounding Rhodes is a one of a kind piano with many extra updates and modifications. We worked hard to bring it to top playing condition.

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Red Rhodes Piano

1978 “Red Tiger” Suitcase 73 Keys

Restored with new hardware and red tolex with black accents, this Rhodes stands out in music videos, films and live concerts.

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Sparkle Top Rhodes

1965 Fender Rhodes Sparkle Top (SOLD)

All new hardware. Hammers are hard with minimal groove. All original Raymac Tines. Original Speakers, Original Jordan Amp, Original Mono Vibrato Pre amp. New Damper Felts. New hammer action felt. Perfectly regulated, voiced and tuned.

1975 Suitcase 73 Keys

The Rhodes has been stored at home since 1975. Its tonebars are shiny, it has long sustain, the action has been restored to its original showroom condition.

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