Fender Rhodes Tuneup

Fender Rhodes tuneup resets the piano to its factory specs and dimensional standards.
Tuneup is recommended every 2 years.

1. Detailed Cleaning

The piano is disassembled and cleaned thoroughly using compressed air and various cleaning agents. Dust and foreign objects that slow down the action and create unwanted noises are removed.

2. Humidity, Rust and Corrosion Treatment

Water damaged Rhodes
The Piano is inspected for rust, corrosion and wood dampness. Mild rust, corrosion and oxidation can be stopped as parted of the tuneup, detailed treatment available at an additional cost.

3. Wood Repair & Screw Reinforcement

Broken wood is repaired and loose screws are reinforced.

4. Damper Treatment

Damper arms are adjusted, and floppy damper felts are rejuvenated using. Worn out and torn felt may need to be replaced.

5. Action Felt Treatment

Action felt is cleaned and treated in order to maintain responsive, accurate action. Worn out felt may need to be replaced.

6. Tonebar Grommet Treatment

Flexible rubber grommets are essential for stable tone and consistency of voicing. Grommets in good condition are treated, and worn out grommets may need to be replaced.

7. Hammer Tip Inspection

All hammer tips and their bonds to the hammer are inspected. Grooved hammer tips may need to be replaced.

8. Adjustments

[1] Harp inspection and adjustment

[2] Regulation

[3] Voicing

[4] Tuning

9. Re-tuning

To ensure the piano stays in tune, we play the piano for a few days then re-check to see if any notes changed pitch. Loose tuning springs may need to be replaced.

10. Training

We believe every Rhodes owner needs to know basic care and maintenance of his/her instrument. When you pick up your instrument after Tune-up, we will provide you valuable maintenance, voicing and tuning tips for your specific Rhodes model and condition.