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Tuneup: from trash to gold
Our 10 point Rhodes tuneup process, guaranteed to bring your Fender Rhodes pianos back to their glory days. Learn more »


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Your service appointment starts with an inspection and estimates in our workshop. The inspection takes 20-30 minutes and done in front of you. This process allows us to discuss the different restoration options for each Rhodes and budget. Inspections are free of charge and there’s no commitment to perform any work.

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Fender Rhodes Key Pedestal Felt Modification


If you truly love the sound of the Rhodes piano like we do, and you’re looking for an experienced Fender Rhodes tech in LA – you’re at the right place. We specialize in Fender Rhodes exclusively. We can restore (almost) any Rhodes piano to its showroom condition or customize it with modifications that will make it unique in sound, action and look. Learn more »
Restored pianos direct outputs
  1. 1974 Modified Fender Rhodes Suitcase with Custom Preamp (1) Deron Johnson
  2. 1974 Modified Fender Rhodes Suitcase with Custom Preamp (2) Deron Johnson
  3. 1975 Rhodes Suitcase (1) Ruslan Sirota
  4. 1975 Rhodes Suitcase (2) Ruslan Sirota
  5. 1973 Stage Fender Rhodes with Custom Preamp Steve Weingard
  6. 1982 Suitcase with Custom Preamp Jeff Babko