Welcome Rhodes Lovers

We restore Fender Rhodes instrument exclusively. We can take almost any Rhodes piano back to its original showroom condition, or rebuild it with custom modifications like custom action, sound (including custom preamps)and look. We’re a small workshop and this is our labor or love. We’re taking 1-2 Rhodes pianos a week by appointment in order to provide detailed attention to each case.

Focus: sound

Voicing a Rhodes piano is our specialty. We hone this craft since 1994 and we keep perfecting our voicing by participating in research and development of voicing tools for Rhodes pianos. Read more about the process of voicing Fender Rhodes pianos here.


We take exceptional care in selecting the right replacements parts to perfectly fit every model. We have new-old-stock as well as re-manufactured parts to match the sound, feel and action of (almost) any vintage Rhodes piano.

External restoration

The external vinyl cover (‘Tolex’) can be renewed with the original black Tolex or modified with a variety of colors and patterns. Tolex selector »

Tailored to your budget – backed by our warranty

We work within our clients’ budget. Every step of the repair or restoration project is pre-authorized by the clients.
Our work is followed by a series of quality assurance steps and is backed up by our warranty.

About the founder

NirFender Rhodes LA’s founder, Nir Benjaminy, has been servicing Rhodes pianos since 1994. He was introduced to servicing Fender Rhodes pianos while working for the Berklee’s College of Music extension in Israel. Nir is a graduate of the Israeli Conservatoire in classical music. Parallel to his career in music, Nir pursued a career in audio engineering, and worked for SOUNDCRAFT, CROWN, BSS, and LEXICON authorized service centers and as a mastering, recording and mixing engineer. In 2003, Nir moved to Los Angeles and established Fender Rhodes LA. While in California, Nir had the opportunity to work alongside renowned Fender Rhodes Engineer Steve Woodyard, who was trained by Harold Rhodes to be the chief engineer in the Rhodes factory in the 1970’s-1980’s. Today, Nir continues to service Rhodes pianos as well as developing Rhodes preamps and diagnostic tools which he uses for voicing and tuning the Rhodes.